Trad for Trocaire gig at the Hibernian hotel Nenagh,15/11/2013

noel potraitCome all ye dancers,singers,humdingers,dead ringers (Click to tweet),men in hats,dead cool cats,boys in toys-here to hear raal ‘white noise’;-come ye all to the hibernicus ale and food house and enjoy the melliflous,plaintive,plangent sounds emanating from that same hostelery !There you can sample the delights of amharanists,bodhranists,slide trombonists,hirsute men,men in suits,boys from moneygall, girls from glenstall,girls in bikins-bolabhans from billabongs-Rollers.Drovers.Men in pullovers…and hey ther might even be an odd musician or two!So don’t wait don’t hesitate,mark it in your diary-to the Hibernicus do go, to enjoy a show that will exceed all your mortal expectations, and all for a small,voluntary donation to a worthy cause!More info. will be forthcoming-keep your eyes peeled,yours ears gleaned to this oracle of all things wonderful.exciting and generally beneficial.So for the crack-we’ll supply the lark..’Go forth and multiply.This service has ended.Amen ! (Click to tweet)


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