Homage to mcquaids music shop-Mr Steve Cooney

noel potraitIf you’re looking for things like musical strings
Or tutors,capos,Cd’s,
Then look no morefor you’ve found the store
To put you right at your ease ! (Click to Tweet)

The range is great,don’t hesitate And take my word as true .That “nenagh town surely wears the crown !”(from a “siopa ceoil”point of view )

The music thats played by Noel McQuaid will intrigue and entwine your mind And although you’ve come in for a thimble or pin Your creative streak will unwind. . .There’s loads to be found for pennies or pounds Around and about and behind . . .You might pick away for half the day .. .”now what else can i find ?”

(But don’t linger in his lair for your mind will go “all quare” And your eyes will lead your reason quite astray You’ll see ‘some auld quare yoke’and although you’re stony broke Your heart will find a way to make you pay !)                           Subscribe to our blog posts here —>

So a visit nice and brief is the way to bring relief From anxieties of every shade and type He has the most unusual things as well as banjos,books and strings And gives ‘advice’. . .not that normal business -hype. (Click to Tweet)               

So take my tip and take a trip And give yourself a treat. . .It’s very hard to beat The range is quite complete !(The selection is unreal …And you’ll get a mighty deal !)An inspiring kind of place,It’s a credit to our race ! Agus sin e … mo sceal .         -Steve Cooney

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Check out “McQuaid’s Youtube Channel”

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