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Thursday, November 7th, 2019

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acheter nike
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Invitation to The World

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015

noel potrait McQuaid’s Music shop will be participating in the customer appreciation initiative-Friday December 4th.If ,you are in the vicinity,please call and sample complimentary mince pie and mulled wine !Festivities kickoff at 5.30pm, have fun !

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Nenagh Castle gig

Saturday, May 16th, 2015

Shallee with Fergus Costelloe- “Sylvia’s Mother”

New recordings from Tipperary musicians

Friday, August 1st, 2014

Two CD’s by two highly accomplished female  artists were launched at the recent Willie Clancy summerschool in Miltown Malbay, Co.Clare .’AIR TIME(airs for the low tin whistle) by Fiodhna Gardiner consists of a wide  selection of Irish, Scottish and newly composed airs played on  a variety of low and soprano whistles.The recording is a debout work which also features contributions from various celebrity musicians including ‘pater noster’ Bobby Gardiner on the beautiful air ‘Easter Snow’. The album was recorded and produced by Seamie O Dowd (formerly of Dervish/ Martin O Connor band)at ‘Sun Street studios’, Tuam, Co. Galway and it also includes 3 complimentary vocal tracks(an buachaillin donn, the Mall of Lismore and Sean O Riada’s the banks of Sullane) sung by Dervish’s Cathy Jordan.So to summarise ‘a must have cd’ for anyone vaguely interested in timeless, beautiful music !                                                                  The Boruma Trio’s recording ‘Gleas’ is another first time recording by a trio of highly respected musicians! The band consists  Eileen O Brien(fiddle,vila, vocals),Andrew Mac Namara-accordion and Geraldine Cotter(piano and tin whistle).This unique recording showcases the musical and stylistic connections linking North Tipperary and East Clare.Besides the virtuosic renditions of insttrumental music, the album also includes 2 vocal tracks by Eileen O Brien(Fair and tender ladies, the mountains of Pomeroy)Both albums are highly recommended and are exemplary in the broad range and diversity of traditional music in 21st. century Ireland. Both albums are available from McQuaid’d mussic

How often should one change the strings ?

Monday, July 7th, 2014

The answer depends upon a number of factors;

A What type of string instrument is involved ?

B How old are the current strings ?

C How often do you play the instrument , daily or weekly ?

As a general rule violin and banjo are loud instruments and the strings might be changed every 2/3 months , depending on B&C above !Mandolins,mandolas,guitars, bouzouikis need to have the strings changed more frequently, some professional musicians are of the opinion that one shuld replace strings daily,i remember witnessing the folk group ‘clannad’ change strings on all the acoustic instruments at the interval, thus ensuring that they had a bright ,mellifluous sound for the second half of the performance !

In these recessionary times people are searching for ways to extend the playing life of strings and are increasingly purchasing a number of different products, primarily- ‘Fast Fret’!This product does”exactly what it says on the tin “; A cleans strings 

B prolongs fingerboard life

C brightens sound

C lets you play faster and won’t soil or stain the fingerboard .

Having used  the product for over 20 years , i can verify the authenticity of the above claims !The poduct is available at mcquaids music shop and is relatively inexpensive , retailing at 10 euro a tin + p.&P. for mail order customers !

String players and competition attendees

Wednesday, June 18th, 2014

noel potraitAt the time of writing various ‘fleah cheoil’ will be taking place ” Having attended quite a few competitions over the years;-one important point seems to be over looked by many musicians;the ‘Strings’!

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Trad for Trocaire gig at the Hibernian hotel Nenagh,15/11/2013

Monday, December 23rd, 2013

More from the Trad for Trócaire gig….”French Mazurka”

Trad for Trocaire gig at the Hibernian hotel Nenagh,15/11/2013
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Fiddles, Flutes everywhere

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

noel potraitFiddles,Flutes everywhere (some banjos too)…if its music you want, be at the Highbernian Nov.15.

Tweet “Trocaire helps bring people together worldwide”-so in that tradition the word ‘traditional’has been expanded to include different forms of music,ranging from the spoken word to full ensemble trad session.

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Trad for Trocaire gig at the Hibernian hotel Nenagh,15/11/2013

Saturday, October 5th, 2013

noel potraitCome all ye dancers,singers,humdingers,dead ringers (Click to tweet),men in hats,dead cool cats,boys in toys-here to hear raal ‘white noise’;-come ye all to the hibernicus ale and food house and enjoy the melliflous,plaintive,plangent sounds emanating from that same hostelery !There you can sample the delights of amharanists,bodhranists,

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Cloughtoberfest irelands’ festival of gypsy jazz 11-13th october

Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

noel potraitCloughjordan’s gypsy-jazz festival (Click to tweet) is back for another dose of top quality concerts and sessions.Friday October 11th begins with a concert from Frank Vignola andVinny Raniola.Saturday has a trad/manouche jam session in Graces bar from 12:30 p.m. with contributions from yours truely along with manuche rhythm guitarist Nicolas Deschatrettes and gypsy guitarist Robert Stulka ,along with virtuoso violinist Rudolf Bado from Dublins'”locoswing”.Saturday also has concerts from ‘petite annonces’ and the cloughtoberfest all stars

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